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Poll: Should Woodward Avenue's Streetcar Line Be Called Rocketrail or RocketRail?

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Let's be nitpicky for a moment and discuss the name of Woodward Avenue's upcoming streetcar line. This past Friday, Crain's Detroit Business reported that Quicken Loans trademarked the name of the streetcar line as RocketRail. Despite the fairly straightforward and arguably easy to spell and remember name, Deadline Detroit reported that various news organizations are already getting confused with the capitalization. Crain's Detroit Business, in particular, had issues with consistency, despite breaking the news. Rocketrail? RocketRail? Even Detroit Free Press had trouble keeping up with the capitalization. Is this inconsistency due to the capitalization being unnecessary? Is it more trouble than it's worth? Or is it super important and people need to get their act together? On the issue, Detroit journalist Alan Stamm succinctly summed up the issue, writing, "Who cares because you hate it and won't use it, much less type it, right?" Regardless, Curbed wanted to bring the issue to the public and ask which do you prefer: Rocketrail or RocketRail?

Poll results

The $137 million streetcar is scheduled to complete in the first quarter of 2017. Crain's reported that the rail will span 3.3 miles from Congress Street downtown to Grand Boulevard in the New Center area. Around 5,000 to 8,000 riders are estimated to use the line every day once it's open.
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