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Vacant Lots in Piety Hill Are Becoming Pocket Parks

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A myriad of empty lots in Detroit are being transformed into pocket parks, thanks to the Central Detroit Christian (CDC) Community Development Corporation. Model D reported that the non-profit, faith-based organization focuses on the Piety Hill district between New Center and Boston Edison. These vacant lots, according to Model D, diminish the community's quality of life by causing residents to stay socially isolated. By creating pocket parks as well as various exercise stations, the organization hopes to connect the community and encourage a healthier community. Because of a $110,000 grant from the Kresge Foundation, the CDC was able to acquire outdoor exercise equipment. Currently, only seven lots have been redeveloped, each less than 50-square-feet, but Piety Hill houses a total 300 vacant parcels, according to Model D. Past work accomplished by the CDC include the conversion of an abandoned gas station into a community meeting space, the construction of a commercial kitchen, and the construction of a basketball court. The organization has also opened a laundromat, called "Fit and Fold." Future plans includes building a greenhouse and a rooftop garden above Peaches and Greens in order to promote a healthier community.
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