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Detroit is Headed in the Right Direction, According of Residents

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In a poll commissioned by the Detroit Free Press, Detroit residents were asked four questions on their optimism for the Motor City. The findings showed that 69 percent of residents believe that Detroit is headed in the right direction, 56 percent believe conditions have improved from a year ago, 44 percent say city services are better than a year ago, and 51 percent are optimistic about Detroit's financial future. Despite the positive marks, Detroit Free Press reported that 43 percent would prefer to leave the city if they had the funds to do so.

Comparing these findings from a similar poll in 2013, residents are much more positive now than they were in the past. In the former poll hosted by Detroit Free Press, which was done a few months after the city filed for bankruptcy, 50 percent of residents believed Detroit was on the wrong track, while less than 30 percent said the city was headed in the right direction.
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