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Big Reveal: $299,900 for a New Center Single-Family Home

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The participants for this week's asking price guessing game estimated that this five-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom single-family home in New Center is worth somewhere between $175,000 and $350,000. Samiam, who had both the lowest and highest guesses, added that a "good realtor" would guess at the low end, while only "a realtor on pills" would price the abode any higher than $350,000 due to its "horrid" location. While researching nearby listings and sales, two commenters, called 48212 and The Shadow, guessed $275,000 and $320,000, respectively. One commenter, named woahdude, estimated that the abode was worth "Eleventybillion dollars." Close, but no cigar, woahdude. Maybe next time. In the end, the winner of this week's PriceSpotter with the closest guess to $299,900 goes to bobNB, who was only $900 short. Thank you all for participating in this week's PriceSpotter, and be sure to expect more in the future!

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