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Big Reveal: $695,000 for a Five-Bed Abode in One of Detroit's Poshest Nabes

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Curbed readers really hated this week's chosen home. For yesterday's PriceSpotter, readers had to guess the price of this five-bedroom single-family home at the Morgan Waterfront Estates, an area known for housing Detroit's most expensive single-family home currently on the market. Before we discuss the comment section, Curbed first has to give props to a commenter named levanoff for having the closest guess with $723,000. Good job!

For now, here is a quick run down of what readers thought of the listing: "so blah," "so ugly," and "bland." One commenter named Bowser K said, "Houses like these have all the character and charm of a cardboard box," while another named Adverse Domain said, "Everything about the 'details' in this house looks cheap." Is this listing really so bad? What do you think? Last-minute shout out to Commonwealth who wrote this epic:

My three year old can assembly legos with a better sense of proportion than whatever algorithm designed this house. What style are they calling these new types of houses anyway? In all honesty. Is there a term other than McMansion?

Have we all given up?

Is Architecture dead?

Are there [any] institutions that are not failing us!?

Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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