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Grand Rapids Radio Station-Turned-Home Chops Price by $10K

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This Grand Rapids, Michigan listing attributes what it describes as its more "unique" qualities to its time as a commercial property. The site was previously used as a radio station and still has a reception room and windowed check-out area in the main floor. In the upper floor of this two-story abode, there is a fully refurbished two-bedroom apartment, while in the back there is an off-street parking lot. One of the downfalls to this single-family home might include that it has an unfinished basement. That might not be too big of an issue for some homeowners, though, who may be more pleased by how there are a total of three entrances to the property. The asking price of this single-family home is $65,000 with a total of five bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms over 1,789-square-feet.

· 1919 Eastern Avenue SE [Estately]