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New Building Pitched For Capitol Park Would Demolish Charred Strip Club

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 The Grind smolders in 2014
The Grind smolders in 2014
Chris and Michelle Gerard

One year after The Grind burst into flame, Capitol Park's barbecued strip club is facing demolition to make room for a brand new building. Details of the proposal won't be unveiled until an HDC hearing next week, reports the Detroit News, but we did plenty of speculating back when the Grind was still smoldering. Dan Gilbert is the proud owner of the neighboring parking lot, and his dream rendering of Capitol park clearly has a residential/retail building rising there.

[The parking lot/strip club are near the upper right corner]
The rendering comes from A Plan For Our Time, which outlines Gilbert's vision for downtown Detroit. The plan also mentions the possibility of building a parking garage on top of an existing surface lot, but only "if needed." This lot seems too small for that.
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Grand River at Griswold, Detroit MI