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Nature-Loving Auction House Hides a Stunning Interior

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This auction-bound property from the Detroit Land Bank resembles a scene from Jumanji, but the trees conceal a house that's quite the (dilapidated) stunner. Look for plenty of historic woodwork, original windows, and a clawfoot tub. Combined with a top-notch location on W. Grand Boulevard in Hubbard Farms, this place is certain to see a good number of bids. Built in 1909, the house has 4 bedrooms and one full bath, adding up to 1,700 square feet. If you're wondering why the bland facade doesn't match the grandeur within, it's because the front porch disappeared. A 2009 Google Streetview image embedded below the gallery shows what it used to look like. The auction isn't until March, but you can see the house in person (and a few houses nearby) during an open house on February 21.

Listing: 436 W Grand [Building Detroit]