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Two Historic Buildings in Midtown Cleared For Facelifts

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Wednesday's Historic District Commission hearing revealed details on two big restorations coming to Midtown. We're following up with both projects for more info, but these are some of the highlights:

4164 CASS: The vacant-looking building next to Cass Cafe is ready for a sprucing-up. Watch for a restoration of the exterior stone, a revealing of the boarded-up windows and doors, and more extensive work in back. Known as the William C Boydell House, it was designed by architect Almon C Varney (the castle guy) and built in 1895 as a double house (notice the 2 doors). Its like a tiny slice of a brownstone-lined block in Manhattan.

457 Brainard: We learned that the Traymore's rehab will be pretty extensive. The 1916 apartment building has apparently been vacant for decades. Here are highlights of the rehab:
· The brick is in rough shape. Lots of work needed all over.
· Say goodbye to those ugly vinyl windows. New units that match the facade are planned.
· Traymore was built with a cornice, but it was chopped off in 1962. A simple replacement cornice will be installed.
· The bricked-over windows will stay that way.
· The stripes of aluminum siding on either side of the building were originally tiny light wells. Both will disappear.
· Vacant Traymore Building Smells Like a Future Remod [Curbed]