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Downtown Hamtramck Gets a Taste of Kefallinos Neglect

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As hungry crowds fill Hamtramck's bakeries for Paczki Day tomorrow, one of the enclave's most prominent buildings—known on this blog as the HamTower—will remain as gloomy as ever. The historic building has continued to decay since being auctioned off by the City of Hamtramck in 2014, with some previously boarded-up windows now open to the elements. Who bought such a visible building simply to neglect it? According to the Hamtramck Review, the new owner is Lafayette Lofts Inc, a company registered to Dennis Kefallinos.
Yes, it would appear that noted property baron Dennis Kefallinos won the auction with a bid of $85,500, closing on the property in June. Known primarily for his ownership of the Russell Industrial Center and many cheap loft buildings, Kefallinos has a long history as a real estate speculator in downtown Detroit.
According to the Review, Hamtramck officials have been told that HamTower will get new windows "once the weather breaks" and that "drawings are being made" to rehab the storefront for retail and upper floors for lofts.
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