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Retail Space and Roughly 200 Lofts Imagined in Brush Park

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A whale of a mixed-use development has been approved by the Historic District Commission for Brush Park, where Sachse Construction and Neumann Smith Architecture propose to build a five-story building with everything from a swimming pool to underground parking. Containing approximately 200K square feet, the modern building would snake through an entire block.

Historic District Commission hearings are public but aren't exactly meant to inform the public. Here's what we could gather: The development is primarily residential, with somewhere around 200 loft-style apartments on the upper four floors. A small section of the building would face Woodward Avenue, but the majority of the footprint travels down Erskine and then parallel to John R.

The building's U-shape would wrap around an interior area featuring parking (some underground) topped with a roof terrace, pool included. It sounds like the design is pretty festive (just look at that facade!) although the multiple colors were meant to break up such a huge structure. Apologies for the sketchy info and even sketchier renderings (they're photos taken of a tiny projection screen), but we've emailed Sachse seeking clearer info.

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