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Irresistible Live/Work Building Reveals Interior, Cuts Price

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After years of lurking on Craigslist, an alluring live/work storefront on Gratiot Avenue is finally entering the big leagues. Built in 1877, the building has officially surfaced on the MLS along with a slew of revealing photos and a slight price chop. The ask has dropped to $165K, a reduction of $10K from the price last November. For that, you get a 1,500-square-foot loft and a tastefully turquoise storefront downstairs.

The new photos are not only crystal clear, but they also explore some areas we've never seen. The loft's bathroom, for instance, features a clawfoot tub, outhouse-themed wallpaper and window bars. Well done. In previous listings, 2845 Gratiot boasted of a rooftop water line allowing for high-altitude gardening. The latest listing fails to mention anything about gardening, but that might be a liability-related omission.

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