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Michigan Central Station: 1,000+ Windows Are Coming

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After years of sporadic activity, it sounds like Michigan Central Station is ready to close its windows for good. Reports indicate that Chamberlain Glass and Metal—a glass company from St. Clair—has a contract to retrofit Michigan Central Station's 1000+ window openings with glass using a new "glazing system." No word on what the new windows look like, but the statement claims their design is "sensitive to the historic value of the building" and "meets the high standards of a modern office tower."

Work is expected to continue over "the next few months" as the interior elevator we've been hearing about since last summer comes online. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.
UPDATE (7:27 p.m.): The Morouns confirm the plan to replace the windows but won't comment on a timeline or estimated cost, reports the Free Press.

A row of windows appeared at MCS in May 2014 [Photo via Chris Vilag]
· New Windows Coming to Michigan Central [Fox]

Michigan Central Station

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