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Coming Soon to 8 Mile: Detroit's First Applebee's Ever

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Pop the champagne, Detroit! The Motor City's economic renaissance is real, or at least real enough to lure the world's largest casual dining chain. Sure, it took Applebee's a few extra decades to build a location in the Detroit, but it was a worthwhile wait because AppleBeeInTheD will be cutting edge.

Says the press release:

The restaurant will feature the brand's new and improved layout...including high-rise ceilings, an expanded bar area, more televisions, and larger windows to provide more natural light, as well as décor and painted murals specific to the city of Detroit community. The press release also declares AppleD will be "first national casual dining chain located outside of the city's central business district," which couldn't be more true — its chosen location at the Gateway Marketplace is about 20 paces from the city limit. Construction could begin as early as June. Until then, the photos below show an Applebee's in Ludington owned and recently renovated by Schostak, the same company opening Detroit's location. We're guessing they'll look pretty similar.

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