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Floodwater Gushes From Neglected David Stott Building

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Sources tell Curbed Detroit that the David Stott Building is dealing with massive flooding issues after multiple pipes froze and subsequently ruptured. Disaster clean-up crews swarmed the 38-story building Monday afternoon and late into the night, but nothing screams "too late" like floodwater that's already spilling out onto the street. We're told that the flooding drenched both basement levels.

The Stott building is owned by DDI Group, a Chinese corporation that bought it for $8.95M in 2013. DDI promised to invest millions in restoring the skyscraper (and the Free Press building), but its ownership has been an era of brazen neglect for the 1929 tower.

Curbed Detroit toured the Stott one year before DDI took ownership, back when SkyBar was about to open and a total building renovations seemed inevitable. Our photo gallery from that tour was meant to capture Stott's pre-renovation conditions. Now it looks like we captured its glory days. If you have any info on the Stott situation, find us on the tipline.

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David Stott Building

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