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Semi-Restored GAR Castle Opens a Tavern; Gains Furniture

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

The multi-year rehab at the Grand Army of the Republic Building (usually the "GAR") is on the home stretch. Originally built in 1898 for Civil War veterans, the castle survived roughly 30 years of abandonment before Mindfield, a creative production company based in downtown Detroit, purchased it for $200K.
That was in 2011, when the meticulous renovation process began. Last Friday, a new tavern called Republic opened on the castle's ground floor. A few days later, Mindfield began moving furniture into new office space upstairs. For the first time in decades, the GAR is filled with people who aren't renovating it. The GAR's official blog has a few shots of Mindfield's progress upstairs, or have a look inside Republic Tavern at the link below.

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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226