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Unbelievable: Foreclosed 11-Bedroom Mansion Asks $328K

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This stately mansion on Iroquois Street is no average foreclosure. It's an 11-bedroom, 8,488-square-foot foreclosure designed by Albert Kahn sitting on a half-acre. For a listing in Indian Village, there are no greater credentials. From the info we can pull together, it was built in 1911 for Hugh Chalmers, founder of the historically significant (though ultimately unsuccessful) Chalmers Motor Car Company. The mansion had an epic estate sale last year.
The asking price is $328,000 — a significant jump from its 5-day stint in on the market in 2012. Information varies significantly between sources; some put the bedroom count closer to eight and claim 1909 as the year of construction. We know of at least 6 bathrooms a carriage house with its own apartment out back.

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