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Joie de Vivre Eyes Brush Park For 118-Room Boutique Hotel

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There's evidence that a lonely corner of Brush Park is being targeted for development by Joie de Vivre, a boutique hotel chain based in San Francisco. Sent to us by a tipster, a 14-page site plan calls for a five-story "executive" hotel with its own parking garage. Why choose an awkward lot off Winder Street next to the freeway? Probably because it's extremely close to Ford Field and Comerica Park.

The plan doesn't include a rendering, but it does lay out some basic stats. The hotel would be nearly 167,000 square feet, adding up to 118 rooms, while the two-story parking garage would include a whopping 196 spaces. Sounds like someone wants to cash in on event parking. Most of the spots would actually be underground, as the garage snakes beneath the hotel itself.

Based in San Francisco, the Joie de Vivre brand includes a variety of high-end boutique hotels across the country. We can't predict what Detroit's location would look like, but it sounds classy. The layout includes ballrooms, a restaurant, fitness facilities (lap pool included), and even a "vegetated rooftop terrace." It's not Joie de Vivre's first stab at a Detroit location. They were involved with the bungled Fitzgerald Place development proposed for the Statler site last year.

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