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Fix Up This Huge Condo Albert Kahn Built for the Tigers

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Looking for a plus-sized condo? Check out this four-bedroom foreclosure in Walbri Court, a high-end condo building hiding in Palmer Park's apartment district. Walbri was commissioned in 1925 by Walter Briggs, then-owner of the Detroit Tigers, who wanted reliable housing for players who had families (hence the stone children above the door). Briggs tapped Albert Kahn to design the place, and 90 years later we're looking at a palatial 2,500-square-foot Kahndo built to house a family in comfort.

None of that explains why so many rooms are slathered in school bus yellow. Additionally, the listing hints that unspecified repairs will be needed, which could explain what looks like water damage on a few walls.
Still, the potential is obvious. Did we mention its three full bathrooms and a bonus sunroom? The ask is $149,900., roughly $50K less than the prices Walbri's units were fetching when they debuted as condos in 2007.

· Listing: 1001 Covington #1 [Redfin]