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North End's Prolific Urban Farm Hopes to Add Garden For Kids

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It's odd to talk about gardening on the tail end of a blizzard, but this is a time-sensitive situation. MUFI, the giant urban farm in the North End neighborhood (and future home to a shipping container homestead) hopes to grow operations to include a children's sensory garden, or an outdoor classroom for kids to learn about gardening, vegetables, and other pleasant topics. They could use your help.

To that end, MUFI is one of four finalists in $40,000 community garden grant competition from Miracle-Gro. Representing Detroit, MUFI has spent most of the contest leading by a wide margin, but is now competing head-to-head with Oakland, California.
If you think the North End deserves $40K more than the west coast, vote for Detroit once every 24 hours at Voting wraps up this coming Monday, but keep an eye on MUFI's Facebook page for an update on the standings in the near future.
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