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Trash Toss Still a Mystery, But Watch Michigan's Storefronts

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With all that garbage flung from the Michigan Building's upper floors, one might expect a big renovation taking place within. Yet Boydell Development (aka Dennis Kefallinos) promised only "aesthetic improvements" after buying the property in the summer. Since then, the rental ads trickling out Craigslist ($14K/month for the entire 12th floor!) have yet to show an updated interior.

They do, however, consistently mention that a bar/restaurant is under construction in one of the ground floor storefronts. One of those now-empty spaces used to be Bagley Bar, a great little pub open anytime there was a game or event downtown. In a Facebook post from July, Bagley wrote their new landlord was "non-negotiable," demanding they vacate by month's end. Perhaps Bagley's old spot is the one to keep an eye on.
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