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Dumpster Full of Lamb Carcasses Stinks Up Eastern Market

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Despite pricy condos, renovated sheds and even a boutique pet shop, Eastern Market can still be pretty rough around the edges. Motor City Muckraker reports that a nightmarish dumpster of rotting lamb carcasses is creating an unbearable stench right next to the Dequindre Cut, behind Berry & Sons Islamic Slaughterhouse on Orleans Street. Motor City Muckraker claims that the city has been notified of the dumpster (it likely violates some basic state laws) while providing a pair of gruesome up-close photos ("The stench was so foul that I vomited"). Yikes.
UPDATE (2/10): The USDA might shut down the slaughterhouse, which has a long history of violations.
· Eastern Market carcasses spew out gag-inducing stench [MCM]