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$349K: Midtown Carriage House Has Loads of Potential

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[Photography: Jim Tumey/Loft Warehouse]

You can buy a mansion without a carriage house, but it doesn't often work the other way around. Midtown has one of the few exceptions. Located on Third Street, this free agent carriage house has its own tiny lot big enough for a patio and a parking spot. Built in 1880, jumped onto the market yesterday asking $349K.
With a total of 1,300 square feet, it's an unusual opportunity. Like most carriage houses, its upstairs is a one-bedroom apartment and the downstairs is unfinished. Unlike its peers, however, the structure isn't tucked behind a house in a residential area, but right there on Third Street. A finished downstairs area might make for an interesting commercial space.

·Listing: 4440 Third Street [Mich Homes]