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CPA Ownership Still Wants Building Saved, Apparently

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Since buying the CPA Building in early 2014, Sequoia Property Partners has been a shamefully negligent property owner. But now things are getting weird. According to Crain's, city inspectors recently found the CPA to be dangerous and "declared an emergency," ordering Sequoia to demolish it. Instead of gratefully accepting official permission to erase the building, the company had a surprising response.

Instead, the company responded with a request for an "indefinite deferment" of the demolition order, saying that the CPA is part of an "as-of-yet undetermined redevelopment" plan. They've already boarded up the two main entry points on the bottom floor, but Crain's reports that they plan on boarding up the building this weekend. Could they possibly be referring to the windows? Fingers crossed.

At the same time, a Sequoia rep did confirm plans to demolish another building on the property. Say goodbye to the collapsed auto parts store next door. It's long past the point of being salvageable, but it's always sad to see something built in 1880 disappear.

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CPA Building

2238 Michigan Ave. , Detroit, MI