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Erskine Lofts Development Could Begin Rising in May

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The Erskine Lofts project has yet to release flashy renderings or court any media coverage, but the mixed-use behemoth is surprisingly close to becoming reality. As currently proposed, Erskine Lofts would build retail space, parking, and over 200 one, two, and three-bedroom apartments atop 32 empty lots in Brush Park. Tax credits and minor design details are still being finalized, but the project has already cleared major hurdles, including site plan approval from Detroit City Council. Sachse Construction hopes to begin the construction process as early as May.

Additional info and better renderings are likely to be released in the future, but the general idea is pretty clear. Erskine Lofts will contain about 201 apartments between one and three bedrooms, with retail space along Woodward and Erskine. All but eleven units will rent at market rate. The plan includes a good amount of parking, most of which is hidden underneath the outdoor pool terrace. We're told that the final facade colors are still being decided upon, with construction expected to take approximately one year.

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