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1456 Woodward is Now Twice as Tall and Full of Bourbon

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[Historic photo: Burton Collection. Interior photography Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Architecture and whiskey sometimes go together quiet nicely. Thanks to a slender footprint and a white terra-cotta facade, 1456 Woodward is one of the most attractive buildings on Merchants Row. Thanks to Cornerstone Barrel House, that building now contains over 40 types of bourbon. The new whiskey bar features a good amount of wood and brick, giving it a friendly, rustic look. It also benefits from large windows, offering a good view of another downtown archi-gem. Built in 1916 as a clothing shop, the building had risen another four stories by 1923. It was originally designed by architect Richard E. Raseman, who years earlier contributed to the design of another remodeled building now containing whiskey: the GAR Castle.

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