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Is Corktown's Spaulding Electric Building Ready for Rehab?

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[Interior photos: Jim Tumey/Loft Warehouse]

UPDATE (3/4): Curbed has been notified that the Loft Warehouse listing referenced below is unauthorized and incorrect, and that Spaulding Electric is no longer on the market.
In less than a decade, a tidal wave of investment has improved nearly every vacant building on Corktown's stretch of Michigan Avenue. Not the old Spaulding Electric HQ. Dating back to at least the 1880s, the 25,000-square-foot building has resisted converting to lofts/retail space, content in its role as a lifeless, graffitied turd.
But now Spaulding has finally taken the plunge, hitting the market bundled with an adjacent lot for $650K. Seems like a pretty developer-friendly listing, no? Even if Spaulding doesn't find a renovation-minded buyer this time, its moment on the market at least gives us a chance to peer inside.

· Listing: 1350-1364 Michigan Avenue [Loft Warehouse]