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Coming Soonish: The Grand Plan for the Hudon's Site

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SHoP Architects/Hamilton Anderson Associates

People were excited about the future of the Hudson's Site back in 2013, when an international design competition was followed by the hiring of SHoP, an elite architecture firm out of New York City. Sixteen months later, we're still staring the Hudson's-shaped hole in the heart of downtown without so much as a concept rendering to cry into.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the property's development rights, is now teasing that the grand plan will debut "in the next few months," adding that it definitely won't be a new HQ for Quicken Loans. "We definitely plan on building a special type of building," Gilbert told the Freep. "We keep going back and forth on just what."
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Hudson's Site

1208 Woodward, Detroit MI, Detroit , Michigan