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Latest Monopoly Board Includes a Grim Image of Detroit

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Having won the 9th-most votes in a nationwide competition, Detroit has officially been awarded a spot on the latest Monopoly game board. A pretty expensive spot, actually, right next to Boston and Milwaukee, ahead of Seattle and Denver. Even though most city images feature gleaming skylines or some local icon, Detroit's photo isn't quite so cheerful. Showing a stretch of Grand River Avenue under a cold winter sky, the photo captures an chunk of the downtown skyline centered around the abandoned Book Tower. It's not your everyday stock image of Detroit, so we did some digging.

It's a stock photo from Getty, with the following photo caption:

Cars drive down Grand River Avenue as the General Motors Co. (GM) headquarters building stands in the skyline of Detroit, Michigan, U.S., on Monday, April 1, 2013. U.S. automakers are surging, while Detroit is in such distress that it's being taken over by the state of Michigan today. Even in the Monopoly board's suspended reality in which Pierre, South Dakota gets to be the ritziest property, someone from Hasbro decided Detroit's space should depict a somber view of the city during one of its most miserable moments. Admittedly, things could be worse. The game appears to have mixed up Milwaukee with Green Bay, and Chicago, apparently, is best represented by a big slice of pizza. · Monopoly Winning Cities [Buzzfeed]