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World's Tallest Mural Coming to the First National Building

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The First National Building is business in the front, but a new mega-mural promises to be a party in the back. Bedrock has confirmed having commissioned artists How & Nosm to transform an eastern facade into the world's tallest mural. Measuring 354 feet tall, it's the latest in a string of mega-Detroit mega-murals that includes the Madison Building's new HENSE piece and the "Rise Up" tiger in Milwaukee Junction. It won't be the First National's first mural. Painted in the 1970s, a geometric design from Detroit artist Alvin Loving Jr claimed the same facade until being erased in 1989. How and Nosm's mural is expected to pay tribute to the original, but the design won't be unveiled beforehand. Expect work to begin "in a month or so."[Image shows the previous mural in 1980. Photo by Loretta Markell]
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First National Building

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226