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With 250 Apartments, Hudson's 2.0 is a Mixed-Use Giant

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SHoP Architects/Hamilton Anderson Associates

After a surprise rendering reveal earlier this month, the Hudson Hole development is suddenly pushing forward with details and dates. The latest info, reported by the Free Press, describes a mixed-use building sporting an impressive amount of residential space:

Besides the 250 residential units, the project will include 225,000 square feet of mixed-use space, either commercial or retail and including "programmed civic space," plus 900 parking spaces.

Does the parking number include the underground garage already on the property? What's this civic space going to look like? Info may be scarce until Bedrock submits its final plan, which has to happen by year's end. The latest timetable has construction launching next spring with a final ETA of April, 2018. Mark your calendars.
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Hudson's Site

1208 Woodward, Detroit MI, Detroit , Michigan