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The Bright Side of Midtown's Failed Gelato Shop

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4160 Cass as it looked in 2009 compared to 2013
4160 Cass as it looked in 2009 compared to 2013
Google Maps, Chris and Michelle Gerard

Melt has melted — permanently. The Midtown espresso and gelato shop didn't give any explanation when it closed in February, but the landlord now tells the MetroTimes that the closure is permanent, adding that Melt simply "didn't have enough business."
Melt's meltdown leaves a big opening on the corner of Cass and Willis. Available retail space in Midtown is increasingly scarce, especially for businesses hoping for something move-in ready. This building certainly earned that status the hard way. It was a vacant party store before renovations began in 2008, but funding issues turned the project into a multi-year snafu. Melt finally managed to open inside the corner storefront in the fall of 2013. It's sad to see a business flop, but Melt leaves behind a renovated space that shouldn't have trouble finding a new occupant.
· Midtown Detroit gelato and espresso shop Melt closes [MetroTImes]

4160 Cass, Detroit MI