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Balconied Loft Has Downtown Views, Brush Park Size

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The Carola lofts don't have exposed brick or soaring wood ceilings. Built in 1912, the Carola's guts are instead made of structural terra cotta. It sounds unsexy, but the textured clay blocks actually have a rougher, more interesting look that most brick. Renting for $1,450/month, this one-bedroom apartment has an entire wall of the stuff (you don't want much more than that) plus its a downtown-facing balcony to boot. You could definitely rent downtown for that kind of cash, but the apartment probably wouldn't be 1,200 square feet and you definitely wouldn't have your own garage.

UPDATE: We may have written about this same loft last year. If so, it's now renting for $50 less, possibly making it the only example of a rent decrease in all of greater downtown. Maybe the demise of Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe (RIP) right outside the front door lowered expectations.
UPDATE #2: False alarm on the rent decrease. The previous occupant emailed us to say she actually paid $1,450 last year, adding "there are also heated tile floors, which made it a million times better."
· Listing: 78 WATSON [Real Estate One]