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Grungy Corktown Inn Rebrands, Declares Itself Boutique

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[Photos via Corktown Hotel]

The Corktown Inn, long one of the downtown area's grungiest hotels, is breaking boutique. With a new owner and a new outlook on life, the '60s-era building has been renamed the Corktown Hotel. The new Corktown Hotel is very much like the old Corktown Inn, but with hopes and dreams. Three renovated model rooms are meant to be a glimpse of a building-wide rehab planned sometime in the future. Model D reports that the hotel has dropped several of its most well-known features, including the the famous underwear-dispensing vending machine, the hourly rates, and cigarette smoking. Management even aspires to reopen the shuttered restaurant area. The ambition is admirable, but is anyone really ready to eat in that building yet?
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