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Look! The Hudson Site's First Official Concept Rendering

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SHoP Architects/Hamilton Anderson Associates

The first official concept rendering for the Hudson's Site development is here. In response to this morning's ridiculous media frenzy over one blurry, outdated rendering, Rock Ventures just released this new rendering with an accompanying statement:

We did not expect that an extensive report of an earlier design concept of the Hudson's site would appear in the media. Since it did appear, we are releasing this more refined conceptual rendering looking north on Woodward Avenue near Gratiot. While we are excited about the direction of this concept, it is important to note that the design of the beloved Hudson's site on Woodward Avenue in the heart of downtown Detroit is still evolving.

There's no explanation as to what we're looking at, but Rock does confirm that they hope to have final design by year's end.

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Hudson's Site

1208 Woodward, Detroit MI, Detroit , Michigan