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Two Lofts, One Price: Which Apartment Would You Choose?

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Imagine this: Armed with a budget around $240K, you're looking to buy a loft somewhere in the vicinity of downtown Detroit. Right now, that's just enough to sneak into a smaller one-bedroom unit in the trendy, walkable confines of Midtown.
Also competing for your affection is a beautiful, bi-level loft with significantly more space. Unfortunately, its location a couple miles east of downtown isn't quite so appealing. How to decide? It's time for a Real Estate Deathmatch.
OPTION 1: Modest Midtown
The Midtown option mashes together the kitchen/living areas, but plenty of windows and a balcony help the space feel less stuffy. Technically a one-bedroom apartment, it also includes a second (and very red) room labeled as a library/office space. The interior needs some help, but it It's 960 square feet of some of Detroit's most coveted real estate. Everything—bars, restaurants, retail—is all just outside the door.

444 West Willis Street #404 [Estately]
Price: $235,000
Taxes: $2,444 (Condo Fee: $240)
SqFt: 960
Beds/Baths: 1/1
OPTION 2: Bi-Level Beauty
This bi-level unit at the Lofts at Rivertown is totally renovated, larger, and slightly cheaper than its Midtown opponent. The classy decor is all brick and wood downstairs, but scales back to carpet and a more traditional look upstairs. There's also an extra bathroom. The trade-off, obviously, is the location a few miles east of downtown. It's not a bad spot, but it's far from being very walkable.

[Photography: Jim Tumey]

6533 E Jefferson Avenue #429 []
Price: $230,000
Taxes: $770 (Condo Fee: $395)
SqFt: 1,300
Beds/Baths: 1/2
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Lofts at Rivertown

6533 East Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48207