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Corktown Inn Will Be "Trumbull & Porter" After Big Remod

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[Rendering: Patrick Thompson Design. Photo: Corktown Hotel/Facebook]

In an ongoing effort to erase its flophouse past, the reformed Corktown Inn decided that switching to "Corktown Hotel" wasn't going to change perceptions much. Instead, management settled on the name "Trumbull & Porter," presumably hoping to be confused with Corktown's actual boutique inn, Honor & Folly.
Model D reports that Midtown-based Patrick Thompson Design was given the tall order of classing-up the concrete, '60s-era building originally designed to be a Holiday Inn. Plans call for a charcoal paint job, a large mural, and turning the courtyard area into a park-like space open to the interior restaurant space. Work could begin as early as this summer.

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