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$79K: Spend Summer Patching Up This West Village Classic

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Thirsty for a remod, this historic house just hit the market in West Village asking $79,900. With four bedrooms, one confused bathroom and 1,700 square feet, it meets all the requirements of a classic West Village listing: It's over 100 years old, likely abused by decades of renters, and comes with some vague utility problem (in this case, it's plumbing) that'll inevitably cost a few grand to sort out.
At the same time, it packs enough charming architecture and historic interior detail to make aspiring West Village residents drool. If you're in that camp and this one doesn't do it for you, stick around. We're bound to see a number of likable, overpriced West Village rehabs appear as spring settles in.
· 7840 E Lafayette St []