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Vacant Valpey Building Braces For 42-Loft Restoration

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

There's reason to believe the Valpey Building is about to join the conga line of historic rehabs happening along Woodward Avenue. Over the weekend, the Lofts at Merchants Row warned its tenants that work would soon begin on a 42 loft expansion. It sounds like the $10M rehab plan announced in 2013 will finally get rolling, and it should be a pretty good show. The building originally opened in 1896 as L.N. Valpey & Co Reliable Footwear, designed by Donaldson and Meier. Last we heard, the rehab plan involved restoring at least one of Valpey's long-lost balustrades (they look like balconies in the historic photo), but it's unclear if that's still the plan.
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Valpey Building

1415 Woodward, Detroit, MI