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Will a Few Ads Really Lure New Yorkers to Decamp to Detroit?

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Around the same time that perennial Brooklyn-based art institution Galapagos announced that it would be ditching the ever more expensive borough for the Motor City, mysterious ads encouraging New York's most volatile to "Move to Detroit" started popping up across the city. Two of the ads are in Bushwick—that outmoded retreat from the thoroughly yuppified Williamsburg—one is at NoMad's hip Ace Hotel, and the last is in Soho. To say they're strategically placed is an understatement, "Every time people find a neighborhood in New York, 'the man' moves there," the exec placing the ads—who's also promoting jobs at his Thai restaurant in Detroit across the city—told Business Insider, "You always have to keep moving east or west. Bushwick was east of Williamsburg, which was east of the Lower East Side, and so on."

Will this make some New Yorkers move to Detroit? >>