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Old-School Bungalow in West Village Offers Cozy Interior

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

"Historic" and "move-in ready" are usually opposing forces in Detroit real estate, but this cozy bungalow in West Village is a fun exception. Built back in 1909, it has the heavy, indestructible look of a house that predates plastic.
Despite its age and low exterior profile, there's a surprising 1,600 square feet hiding in there, spread out over four bedrooms and a pair of bathrooms. The bungalow is bunga-loaded with historic details, including a battered cabinet in the dining room, tall moldings, and cove ceilings. A clawfoot tub, too. Anything this move-in ready in West Village ("one of Detroit's hottest old neighborhoods," says the listing awkwardly) comes with a price. This one hit the market on Monday asking $145K. Maybe ask if they'll throw in that backyard fire pit.

· Listing: 1479 Seyburn St []