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Chinatown Suddenly Looks an Awful Lot Like Midtown

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As Midtown slowly fills with hand-stitched leather goods and local IPA's, it was only a matter of time before Midtown trendiness began claiming the vacant real estate of Chinatown. Model D now has news indicating that the craft beer shop/tattoo parlour happening in Chinatown is no Ye Old Butcher Shoppe-style fluke: Midtown is coming. New tenants have snapped up the building's remaining storefronts on Peterboro Street, and both businesses smell distinctly like you-know-where.

1. The Peterboro: Dave Kwiatkowski and Mark Djozlija, founders of Sugar House and Wright & Co, are planning an Asian-inspired restaurant called "The Peterboro."
2. Downtown Detroit Bike Shop: Just two blocks from The Hub, this might be an over-saturation of bike shoppage. Another thing: Whether you prefer calling the area Midtown or the Cass Corridor, we can all agree it's certainly not downtown. In the end, you might end up calling it Chinatown. Building owner Matt Hessler is restoring the battered, multilingual Chinatown signs on either end of the block. Expect stores to begin opening in June.
(UPDATE: Crain's has more details on the restaurant, which hopes to open by fall. )

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