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For Sale: Two of Grayhaven's Surviving Island Mansions

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The original renderings for Grayhaven were never fully realized
The original renderings for Grayhaven were never fully realized
DPL/Burton Collection

Grayhaven was originally developed in the 1920s as a private residential island for Detroit's elite. Surrounded by canals (similar to Klenk and Harbor islands), Grayhaven allowed wealthy residents to build houses with private boat wells, meaning a seamless transition between yacht and home. Back in the glory days of recreational boating, there was no greater selling point.
Grayhaven is still a private island today, but its grand estates (including the famous Garwood Manse) have been almost entirely replaced by Shorepointe Village, a cookie-cutter parade of McMansions and condos. Just three of the old homes are still standing on the island itself, two of which are for sale right now.

↑ Dossin Mansion - $1.2M
Built in 1929, the Dossin is the fancier (and infinitely more expensive) of the two listings, with 3,800 square feet. It served as a summer home for the wealthy Dossin Family, whose holdings included a large Pepsi franchise. The hidden speakeasy right off the house's boat well indicates their drinking habits (at least during prohibition) went beyond mere cola. There are just four bedrooms and the house still needs significant repair. The listing photos have improved since the sloppy images we saw in October, but MLive has professional shots that do the house justice. [Top photo: p69rrh51/DetroitYes; Remainder via RealComp]

↑ 483 Keelson - $349,900
Located right across the street, the cheaper house just hit the market last week. It's similar to the Dossin, with 3,600 square feet, four bedrooms, and a boat well below the house. We can't say if it comes with a speakeasy, but the interior looks rather drab compared with its neighbor. Then again, it's still more exciting than Grayhaven's final listing, which involves one of the Pulte houses down the road. [Top photo: p69rrh51/DetroitYes; Remainder via RealComp]

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