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$269K: Eastern Market Loft Has Its Own Tiny Backyard

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FD exterior via We Are Vacancy

Remember how the FD Lofts had reportedly "sold out" four months ago? Either someone got cold feet or is looking for an extremely quick flip, because 1,500 square feet of high-end Eastern Market loftage plopped onto the market today. The ask: $269K.
The bi-level space stashes the bedroom and bathroom upstairs, leaving everything else for the main space below. There aren't any breathtaking views through those factory windows (we're on the ground floor), but they do face the unit's patio. Big enough for a grill and a couple chairs, the patio would be a pleasant bonus for any loft, but an outdoor space is immensely valuable in Eastern Market. Can you imagine paying for a condo surrounded by the freshest food in metro Detroit and not having a place to barbecue? Awful.

· Listing: 3434 Russell St #307 [Redfin]
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FD Lofts

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