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Goodbye, Tomboy: Luxury Leather Conquors Midtown's Grimy Grocer

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Once a bastion of loitering and litter, Tomboy Market in Midtown was shuttered last fall amidst rumors that the grimy building, previously listed for $650K, was destined for a high-end retail renovation. Turns out, that was very, very true. Yesterday, Will Leather Goods, an Oregon-based "lifestyle brand," announced a plan to renovate Tomboy's carcass into a 9,000-square-foot "retail experience store." What is that experience, exactly?

Will Leather Goods offers a wide variety of outdoorsy-but-fashionable items at top-shelf prices. Detroit will be home to the brand's eighth location, so we already have an idea of what to expect. Here's how the New York Times felt about the Manhattan store when it opened in 2014:

The overall effect is luxe hippie, for people who have money and want to hide it in something that feels good. The store's interior is pure wood. A huge sign that says "Snack Bar" rests up near the ceiling, and a coffee station off to the right in back extended the hospitality. The staff will emboss your purchase free, and emboss a random piece of leather to show you just how embossed your purchase could be. In case you were wondering, Detroit's location will also include an espresso bar. As for the exterior, look for plenty of wood and a "black steel" storefront along Cass Avenue. Will's current ETA: September.
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