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Sunny Condo Offers 2 Big Bedrooms and Views of the DIA

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

It's no cheap date, but the $309K price tag on this Park Shelton condo isn't a fluke. The historic building's two-bedroom condos are fetching impressive prices. April alone saw two such units (#911 and #418) close for $295K and $300K, respectively, suggesting $309K is borderline reasonable. Located on the fifth floor, it comes with two full bathrooms, a sunny living room area, and views of the DIA/downtown. The smallish kitchen is easily the lowlight, but the adjacent nook keeps it from feeling too cramped. Plus, Park Shelton's ground floor offers a good variety of in-house snacking, from Detroit Pizza Company to Wasabi.

&183; Listing: 15 Kirby #511 [O'Connor]

Park Shelton

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI