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Dig & Demolish: Arena Construction Starts With a Big Hole

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DIG: All the promise and sophistication of the arena project starts with one straightforward task: Dig a hole. Because the rink will sit about 40' below ground, a huge scoop of Cass Corridor dirt must be carted off. The effort hasn't gone unnoticed by the Red Wings, who turned the ground-breaking shovel into a rotating MVP trophy.
DEMOLISH: The fence that now surrounds the site makes keeping track of individual buildings difficult. It looks like crews are focusing on peeling up parking lots for the time being, though Another Fucking Bar has disappeared since our most recent photo tour. As for the Park Avenue Hotel, Olympia is scheduled to request demo permission from the Historic District Commission on May 13.
· Approved: New Red Wings Arena Rezones 12 Desolate Acres [Curbed]