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There's a Real Plan to Revive Southwestern High School

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Southwestern High School may not be doomed after all. Right next door to the school, the Sakthi Automotive factory is planning a multi million-dollar expansion that would buy and renovate Southwestern as an employee training facility. Sakthi would also take over the old American Mailer plant on Southwestern's far side.
Renovation details and a timeline aren't available at this point, so it's too soon to say the historic campus is out of the woods. We won't delve into the thrilling details of auto parts or tax abatements (the MEDC made a snazzy video if you're interested), but Sakthi's expansion seems to have momentum. It's a lucky turn of events for a scrapped-out high school in Southwest Detroit.

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Southwestern High School

6921 W Fort , Detroit, MI 48209