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Riverside Park to Reopen? Big Announcement Expected Today

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Mayor Duggan and Matty Moroun are having a joint press conference at Riverside Park later today, and the press teaser makes it sound like a big one:

Press Conference to announce an agreement that will result in a significant expansion of Detroit's Riverside, park including millions of dollars in capital improvements to being later this year, as well as improvements to the Michigan Central Train Depot building in southwest Detroit. Moroun and the city have fought over Riverside Park for years, which happens to sit in the path of Moroun's proposed twin span for the Ambassador Bridge. Riverside has been closed since 2012, when soil tests commissioned by Moroun found contaminants 8' below the surface. It's hard to imagine what sort of agreement would make Moroun happy and reopen Riverside. Maybe something involving air rights? Expect the news by early afternoon.
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