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Old Chinatown Storefronts Are Cleaning Up Beautifully

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The 8 Degrees Plato storefront on April 3 [Photo: Paul Beshouri]

More than a year after it sold for just $250K, a historic retail strip in Detroit's lost Chinatown neighborhood is coming back to life. The building's four retail spaces are in the midst of a total renovation, with two unique tenants lined up to occupy the spaces previously occupied by Mantra and Showcase.
Iconic Tattoo: Building owner Matt Hessler is setting up a tattoo studio in the corner storefront where Mantra used to be.
8 Degrees Plato: The Ferndale-based craft beer shop has gutted the old Showcase Collectable space, exposing brick walls and a surprisingly intact original tin ceiling. Neither businesses seems to have an official ETA at this point, but it'll be fun to watch the renovation as work moves out to the facade.

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